JDK-8221725 : AArch64 build failures after JDK-8221408 (Windows 32bit build build errors/warnings in hotspot)
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: hotspot
  • Sub-Component: runtime
  • Affected Version: openjdk8u292,11
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Resolved
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • CPU: aarch64
  • Submitted: 2019-03-31
  • Updated: 2021-02-04
  • Resolved: 2019-04-01
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11.0.5Fixed 13 b15Fixed 8u281Fixed openjdk8u292Fixed
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* For target hotspot_variant-server_libjvm_objs_ad_aarch64.o:
/home/buildbot/worker/jdkX-linux/build/src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad: In member function 'virtual void cmpFastLockNode::emit(CodeBuffer&, PhaseRegAlloc*) const':
/home/buildbot/worker/jdkX-linux/build/src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad:3448:85: error: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Werror=int-to-pointer-cast]
     __ mov(tmp, (address) (~(os::vm_page_size()-1) | markOopDesc::lock_mask_in_place));

CI history points to JDK-8221408 as the suspect. Reverting that patch makes the AArch64 build pass.

I think moving the two constants from the enum made its values denser than the address width, which blows up the warning now.
This seems fragile in general. Maybe we should make all those enum values static constants with real types, to remove reliance on enum width?

Fix Request I want to downport 8221408, so I need this, too. Applies clean, no risk as only a cast.

RFR: http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/hotspot-dev/2019-March/037534.html

This makes the build pass: diff -r f062188117ad src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad --- a/src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad Sat Mar 30 21:29:37 2019 +0100 +++ b/src/hotspot/cpu/aarch64/aarch64.ad Sun Mar 31 23:21:05 2019 +0200 @@ -3445,7 +3445,7 @@ // markOop of object (disp_hdr) with the stack pointer. __ mov(rscratch1, sp); __ sub(disp_hdr, disp_hdr, rscratch1); - __ mov(tmp, (address) (~(os::vm_page_size()-1) | markOopDesc::lock_mask_in_place)); + __ mov(tmp, (address) (~(os::vm_page_size()-1) | (uintptr_t)markOopDesc::lock_mask_in_place)); // If condition is true we are cont and hence we can store 0 as the // displaced header in the box, which indicates that it is a recursive lock. __ ands(tmp/*==0?*/, disp_hdr, tmp); // Sets flags for result