JDK-8061403 : Allow multiple constants and ranges in case labels
  • Type: Enhancement
  • Component: specification
  • Sub-Component: language
  • Priority: P4
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Other
  • Submitted: 1999-09-08
  • Updated: 2014-10-17
  • Resolved: 2014-10-17
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Name: wl91122			Date: 09/08/99

It would be nice if case labels allowed several comma separated values.

switch( i )
   case 1,3,5,7: foo();

would be equivalent to the less readable version

switch( i )
   case 1:
   case 3:
   case 5:
   case 7: foo();

In addition why not allow ranges as well? The two together allow you to 
efficiently code things like:

switch( c )
    case 'A'-'Z','a'-'z':
        System.out.println( "letter" ); break;
    case '0'-'9':
        System.out.println( "number" ); break;
        System.out.println( "other" ); break;

As it stands now the only way to code this is using if statements but they 
aren't as readable as this switch statement. You can tell at a glance what 
this switch statement does. Compare that with:

if( c >= 'A' && c <='Z' || c >= 'a' && c <='z' )
    System.out.println( "letter" ); break;
else if( c >= '0' && c <= '9' )
    System.out.println( "number" ); break;
    System.out.println( "other" ); break;

I don't see any real problem with adding it to the language. Source code 
that uses this construct would not be backwards compatible, but neither is 
any code that uses a new API. The generated bytecode would still be 
backwards compatible.

I really wish you could get rid of the fall-through behavior for switch statements, 
but I understand that it's too late now and it must be kept that way for backwards 
(Review ID: 95013) 

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WORK AROUND Name: wl91122 Date: 09/08/99 Use separate case labels for each case, which is less readable. Use if statements for ranges. Again, less readable. ======================================================================

EVALUATION Relatively harmless syntactic sugar. gilad.bracha@eng 1999-09-08