JDK-7124250 : [macosx] JOptionPane dialogs show wrong icons
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: client-libs
  • Sub-Component: javax.swing
  • Affected Version: 7,7u4,7u40,8
  • Priority: P3
  • Status: Resolved
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: os_x
  • CPU: generic,x86
  • Submitted: 2011-12-23
  • Updated: 2014-12-16
  • Resolved: 2014-04-24
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8u20Fixed 9 b15Fixed
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http://java.net/jira/browse/MACOSX_PORT-710 submitted 2011/11/16 by Igor Stolyarov
JOptionPane dialogs show wrong icons
If run attached test using full path for Java launcher we will see right icon (exected.png)
for instanse
>~/jdk/b217/Home/bin/java Test
If we using variable in path we will see wrong icon (actual.png)
>/bin/java Test
Else interest case:
>/bin/java Test
In this case we will see right icon

SQE functional tests are failing because of this issue, so the regression test is not needed.

These are all approved for deferral to JDK 9 so you can update the FixVersion to state JDK 9. Kind regards, Mathias

These are all approved for deferral to JDK 9 so you can update the FixVersion to state JDK 9. Kind regards, Mathias

These are all approved for deferral to JDK 9 so you can update the FixVersion to state JDK 9. Kind regards, Mathias

Converted "8-client-defer-candidate" label to "8-defer-request" by SQE' OK.

*This is anti-deferral criteria list*: - P2 -------------- Engineering's Criteria ------------------------------------- - tck-red labeled - conformance labeled - P3 regressions reported/labeled against jdk8 - findbugs, parfait, eht labeled bugs - CAP <1 year reported - netbeans <1 year reported Victor ----------------- SQE's OK --------------------------------- Yes, we are ok with that thanks, Mikhail

8-defer-request: This is the issue reproduced from 7 GA (7u6 on Mac OS X), this is not a regression in 8, requesting to defer because there are no customer escalations on this issue.

I simply missed menu item. It's P3 of course. We must use ext.install_mode = installjdk in aurora run properties - in this case all mentioned tests pass for some reasonas description of this bug says. (we can set this parameter manually - at Submit screen or just type the following comment in ST2 assignment: GTEE_ENV:install_mode=installjdk; )

I believe this is P3

Come on, it can't be P2, really.

I believe it will be a very simple fix. A lot of tests fail because of this bug. Need to be fixed.

This is by design. The code responsible for drawing JOptionPane icon checks whether the app path ends with "/Home/bin" or "/usr/bin" and if it is not, uses what the bug calls "wrong" icon. I don't understand the reason behind this check, but I don't think we need to fix int for 7u. In my opinion, it can wait until JDK 8. Retargeting

EVALUATION Author: Igor Stolyarov Date: 16/Nov/11 10:48 AM test-fail-macos RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_COSI_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_COSI_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_COSI_3_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_COSI_4_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_CS_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_CS_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_CS_3_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_S_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInputDialog_S_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSII_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSII_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSII_3_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSII_4_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSI_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSI_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_COSI_3_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalConfirmDialog_CO_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalInputDialog_COSI_1_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalInputDialog_COSI_2_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalInputDialog_COSI_3_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalInputDialog_COSI_4_Test any any RULE Swing_JOptionPane/Automated/JOptionPaneTest/ShowInternalInputDialog_CS_1_Test any any