JDK-7037756 : Deadlock in compiler thread similiar to 6789220
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: hotspot
  • Sub-Component: gc
  • Affected Version: hs21
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: generic
  • CPU: generic
  • Submitted: 2011-04-19
  • Updated: 2011-07-29
  • Resolved: 2011-05-10
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7Fixed hs21Fixed
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C2 intermittenly hangs when compiling method. The symptoms are similiar to 6789220. Stack trace:

-----------------  lwp# 6 / thread# 6  --------------------
 feeca187 lwp_cond_wait (816e048, 816e030, 0, 0)
 fe9e398d void os::PlatformEvent::park() (816e000, 8065fc0, 8b1b001, 1) + bd
 fe9acc64 void Monitor::ILock(Thread*) (8065fc0, 816d000, b697d598, fe9adfa0) + 554
 fe9ae26f void Monitor::lock(Thread*) (8065fc0, 816d000, b697d5c8, fe5bdb5d) + 4c7
 fe5bdc92 void CompileBroker::compile_method_base(methodHandle,int,int,methodHandle,int,const char*,Thread*) (816d7b4, ffffffff, 4, 0, 0, fec0f6e4) + 146
 fe5be34b nmethod*CompileBroker::compile_method(methodHandle,int,int,methodHandle,int,const char*,Thread*) (816d7b4, ffffffff, 3, 0, 0, fec0f6e4) + 597
 fe135e6e void LinkResolver::resolve_invoke(CallInfo&,Handle,constantPoolHandle,int,Bytecodes::Code,Thread*) (b697d870, 0, 816d7a4, 7, b8, 816d000) + 576
 fe13953b void InterpreterRuntime::resolve_invoke(JavaThread*,Bytecodes::Code) (816d000, b8) + 8d3
 fac1215b * java/lang/ref/Reference$ReferenceHandler.run()V+31 (line 254)
 fac003d1 * StubRoutines (1)
 fe15d9c3 void JavaCalls::call_helper(JavaValue*,methodHandle*,JavaCallArguments*,Thread*) (b697dd30, b697dc44, b697dc50, 816d000, b697dca0, 816d790) + 52f
 fe15dd8c void os::os_exception_wrapper(void(*)(JavaValue*,methodHandle*,JavaCallArguments*,Thread*),JavaValue*,methodHandle*,JavaCallArguments*,Thread*) (fe15d494, b697dd30, b69
7dc44, b697dc50, 816d000, 816d000) + 18
 fe726e29 void JavaCalls::call_virtual(JavaValue*,Handle,KlassHandle,Symbol*,Symbol*,Thread*) (b697dd30, 816d790, 816d794, 806b8e0, 8090c18) + 171
 fe2326ea void thread_entry(JavaThread*,Thread*) (816d000) + 116
 fe22d0b7 void JavaThread::run() (816d000, fed05038, 0, fe9d93ea) + 2ff
 fe9d985c java_start (816d000) + 4c8
 feec7045 _thr_setup (fddd2200) + 4e
 feec7330 _lwp_start (fddd2200, 0, 0, b697dff8, feec7330, fddd2200)
-----------------  lwp# 12 / thread# 12  --------------------
 feeca187 lwp_cond_wait (81c3048, 81c3030, 0, 0)
 fe9e398d void os::PlatformEvent::park() (81c3000, 81c2400, 816d000, fe149404) + bd
 fe1492c2 void ObjectMonitor::enter(Thread*) (816f444, 81c2400, 81c2400, feabbf35) + 59a
 feabc02f void ObjectSynchronizer::fast_enter(Handle,BasicLock*,bool,Thread*) (81c2c20, b623dc18, 0, 81c2400) + 10b
 fe1bdb21 void instanceRefKlass::acquire_pending_list_lock(BasicLock*) (b623dc18) + 89
 feb3c41d bool VM_GC_Operation::doit_prologue() (b623dc00, 0, 0, fe1bd098) + 19
 fe1bd21d void VMThread::execute(VM_Operation*) (b623dc00, 1a, 0, 1) + 199
 fe9f9d9d HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::mem_allocate(unsigned,bool,bool,bool*) (8069c08, 1a, 0, 0, b623dc90, 1a) + 2a5
 fe70a95a instanceOopDesc*instanceMirrorKlass::allocate_instance(KlassHandle,Thread*) (b6a0ffb0, 81c2c00, 81c2400, fe17cd61) + 106
 fe17cdc8 oopDesc*java_lang_Class::create_mirror(KlassHandle,Thread*) (81c2c00, 81c2400, 81c2400, 81c2bfc) + 78
 fe1f8da0 void arrayKlass::complete_create_array_klass(arrayKlassHandle,KlassHandle,Thread*) (81c2c00, 81c2bf4, 81c2400, 3f1) + dc
 fe1f22be klassOopDesc*objArrayKlassKlass::allocate_objArray_klass(int,KlassHandle,Thread*) (b6a000e8, 1, 81c2be0, 81c2400) + 8ea
 fe6f51bb klassOopDesc*instanceKlass::array_klass_impl(bool,int,Thread*) (b6cb8178, 0, 1, 81c2400, b623ec20, 81c2be0) + 15f
 fe6f5544 klassOopDesc*instanceKlass::array_klass_impl(bool,Thread*) (b6cb8178, 0, 81c2400, fe2157e9) + 1c
 fe215cac ciObjArrayKlass*ciObjArrayKlass::make(ciKlass*) (919b268, b623df4c, 1, fe573739) + 4e0
 fe574e1b bool ciTypeFlow::StateVector::apply_one_bytecode(ciBytecodeStream*) (81d04c8, b623dfc0, 0, fe13ab75) + 16f3
 fe13ae95 void ciTypeFlow::flow_block(ciTypeFlow::Block*,ciTypeFlow::StateVector*,ciTypeFlow::JsrSet*) (919be90, 919c050, 81d04c8, 81d04e8) + 331
 fe579e61 void ciTypeFlow::df_flow_types(ciTypeFlow::Block*,bool,ciTypeFlow::StateVector*,ciTypeFlow::JsrSet*) (919be90, 919c050, 1, 81d04c8, 81d04e8, 81d0510) + f0d
 fe1753cf void ciTypeFlow::do_flow() (919be90, b623ec20, 919b208, ffffffff) + 75f
 fe141144 ciTypeFlow*ciMethod::get_flow_analysis() (919b208, feca6000, b623e658, fe15cb43) + d4
 fe15cb79 CallGenerator*CallGenerator::for_inline(ciMethod*,float) (919b208, 3f800000, 3ff, fe5b5eae) + 45
 fe5b6444 Compile::Compile #Nvariant 1(ciEnv*,C2Compiler*,ciMethod*,int,bool,bool) (b623e6a0, b623ec20, 8063bc0, 919b208, ffffffff, 1) + a20
 fe1e802a void C2Compiler::compile_method(ciEnv*,ciMethod*,int) (8063bc0, b623ec20, 919b208, ffffffff) + ca
 fe1e8e0f void CompileBroker::invoke_compiler_on_method(CompileTask*) (87485f0, feca6000, b623eec8, fe280d70) + b1b
 fe281237 void CompileBroker::compiler_thread_loop() (7, feca6000, b623ef48, fe22d0b7, 81c2400, 81c2400) + a23
 fe284657 void compiler_thread_entry(JavaThread*,Thread*) (81c2400) + 1b
 fe22d0b7 void JavaThread::run() (81c2400, fed05038, 0, fe9d93ea) + 2ff
 fe9d985c java_start (81c2400) + 4c8
 feec7045 _thr_setup (fddd5200) + 4e
 feec7330 _lwp_start (fddd5200, 0, 0, b623eff8, feec7330, fddd5200)

EVALUATION http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/hotspot-rt/hotspot/rev/86ebb26bcdeb

SUGGESTED FIX An alternative fix was suggested by Tom Rodriguez: Do not block in CompileBroker::compile_method_base() if the current/requesting thread owns the pending lits lock i.e. just return. There is a query routine in instanceRefKlass.{ch}pp that does precisely this. The postive aspect of this alternative fix is that the fix for 6789220 would no longer be required - if the current thread owns the pending list lock and we just return then the current thread would no longer be waiting on a compilation. The slight down side is that methods where we request a compilation while holding the lock would no longer be compiled. An analysis of the ReferenceHandler::run() method shows this number of methods to be very few (approx 2). Performance measurements of throughput and pause times with some dacapo and SPECjvm2008 benchmarks that create a lot (> 50K) of references don't show any impact from the alternate fix.

EVALUATION http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/hotspot-gc/hotspot/rev/86ebb26bcdeb

SUGGESTED FIX I think we need something similar to the following logic in compile_method_base bool got_lock = false; if (THREAD->is_reference_handler()) { got_lock = queue->lock()->try_lock(); } else { queue->lock()->lock(); got_lock = true; } if (got_lock) { ... queue->lock()->unlock(); } There are some early exits out of the scope containing the origial MutexLocker and we need to insert unlock calls there.

EVALUATION Another deadlock between the reference handler thread and both compiler threads.