JDK-6599742 : D3D: Text rendering becomes garbled on Intel 945G chipset
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: client-libs
  • Sub-Component: 2d
  • Affected Version: 6u5
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: windows_xp
  • CPU: x86
  • Submitted: 2007-08-31
  • Updated: 2010-10-14
  • Resolved: 2007-11-07
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6u10 b07Fixed
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D3D:Text is totally blurred in a Swing application with the D3D PipeLine enabled
The attached test shows up a Frame with various menus with submenus, nested submenus, radio/checkbox menu items etc.  
Steps to reproduce:
1)Run the test with Metal and then with WinXp look on a D3d enabled system. 
2)Click on the various menus available and roll the mouse over the various menu items under each menu. Re
3)Resize the frame randomly. 
4)Repeat steps 2 & 3 a few times with the actions slowed down: resize very slowly, pixel by pixel and browse the menus -  repeat a few times 
At some point of time the application's entire text becomes totally blurred out. 
I was able to reproduce this with the bugster application also.
Scren shots are attached for reference.
The buggy behavior is not seen with D3d disabled.
This is observed from the 6u5-b01 build onwards, with Metal & WinXp L&F.

Platform configuration:
Intel 32bit
Number of Processors: 2
Processor Speed: 3000 MHz
Operating System:
Windows XP (version 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600))
Font Smoothing: Enabled
  Font Smoothing Type: On/Standard
DirectX version: DirectX 8.1 or greater
DirectX display devices:
Device 0:
  Resolution (width x height x depth): 1152 x 864 x 16
  Video memory (Total, Free): 26435 KB, 9166 KB
  Device driver igxprd32.dll version
GDI display devices: 
Primary: Name = \\.\DISPLAY1, Description = Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family

SUGGESTED FIX http://sa.sfbay.sun.com/projects/java2d_data/6u5/6599742.1 http://javaweb.sfbay/~tdv/webrevs/6u5/6599742

EVALUATION We have disabled the pipeline on 645 chips since they have quality issues and don't implement hw transform and lighting, which is a new requirement for the pipeline to be enabled - in hopes for better peformance and driver stability. Also, this fix affected the following bugs: 6620073: D3D: running J2DBench restarts the driver on Vista [Intel G965] 6613066: D3D: text is missing when the pipeline is enabled [ATI X1600] As a workaround we have disabled the pipeline on these chips as well while we are working on the fixes. So the bugs will remain open even though technically they will no longer be reproducible. Another set of vendors/boards on which the pipeline is unconditionally disabled are the following: - all SiS boards - we didn't test on their only PS2.0-capable board so it would be risky to leave it enabled, and the performance won't be stellar anyway - all S3 boards (the only line of PS2.0-capable boards - Chrome* wasn't available for testing), and apparently performance isn't great on these either (this includes VIA motherboards with S3 video chips) - all Matrox boards as there are no known Matrox boards with proper DX9 and PS2.0 support. We may revisit this list later as we get more hardware to test on.

EVALUATION I have seen similar issues on my Intel 855GM notebook - the text becomes garbled. It works fine on the 965 chipset, so may be we'll need to disable the pipeline on chips older than 965.