JDK-6536118 : RFE: keep only one for multi versions & obsolete all other npjava*.dll to save bytes
  • Type: Enhancement
  • Component: deploy
  • Sub-Component: plugin
  • Affected Version: 6u10,7
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: windows
  • CPU: generic,x86
  • Submitted: 2007-03-20
  • Updated: 2010-09-17
  • Resolved: 2008-02-21
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6u10 b10Fixed 7Fixed
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The npjava*.dll when placed in location that Gecko can discover at runtime, plays 2 purposes:
1) rc file specifies the mimetypes (from current most version to the last supported version in the chain) to that the browser would know the plugin is of the right kind to process and display the content with. 
2) hold and build entry points to plugin DLLs for the func table used by mozilla navigator.

However, we do not need multiple npjava*.dll. Only one that enlists all supported mimetypes will do the job.

SUGGESTED FIX http://sa.sfbay.sun.com/projects/deployment_data/6u10/6536118.0

EVALUATION This fix is based on an earlier one by ###@###.###. The basic idea is to fold all of the MIME types previously exposed by the npjava* DLLs into e.g. npjpi160_10.dll with no other changes. This set of changes trivially obviates the need for the npjava DLLs. It should significantly reduce the size of the Java Kernel core bundle. Note that the original reason for these DLLs was to work around a limitation on the length of the MIMEType resource in Windows 98. Since Windows 98 is no longer a supported platform for Java SE 6, making this change has no unwanted side-effects. These changes have been tested by building the offline installer, installing it on a machine that had various browser versions already installed, and running the Java Plug-In code samples from http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/ (all of the applet, 1.5.0, and 1.4.2 versions). The following configurations were tested: Current Java Plug-In (with SSV enabled): - Internet Explorer 7 - Mozilla 1.7.13 - Firefox - Firefox 3.0b2pre New Java Plug-In: - Internet Explorer 7 - Firefox 3.0b2pre

EVALUATION Per suggestion, since this fix involves removal/replacement of several plugin dlls, it may be safer to putback first to 7.0 and also to allow time to seek CCC approval. Retarget to 7.0

EVALUATION Fix is targeted to 6u4 b1. Only one npjpi.dll will be used to replace npjpi<version>.dll and all npjava*.dll.