JDK-6275407 : Assertion failure "wrong array object size"
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: hotspot
  • Sub-Component: gc
  • Affected Version: 5.0,6
  • Priority: P4
  • Status: Resolved
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: linux,solaris,solaris_8
  • CPU: x86,sparc
  • Submitted: 2005-05-24
  • Updated: 2012-02-01
  • Resolved: 2007-06-20
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This failure has been seen at least twice in PRT runs.

#  Internal Error (/net/prt-solsparc-q1-2/tmp/PrtBuildDir/workspace/src/share/vm/oops/oop.inline.hpp, 162 [ Patched ]), pid=24097, tid=4
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (20050524083538.jmasa.gc_baseline_4994453b-debug mixed mode)
# Error: assert(s == klass->oop_size(this),"wrong array object size")

The above excerpt is from the lastest sighting.  It was also reported

# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (20050503030401.pb131437.hotspot-debug mixed mode)
# Error: assert(s == klass->oop_size(this),"wrong array object size")

###@###.### 2005-05-24 18:47:33 GMT
The nightly testing for 1May2007 failed on test gc/ArrayJuggle/Juggle12

[2007-05-02T04:15:12.45] #  Error: assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || (UseParNewGC && !UseConcMarkSweepGC && Universe::heap()->is_gc_active()),"wrong array object size")

SUGGESTED FIX Event: putback-to Parent workspace: /net/jano.sfbay/export/disk05/hotspot/ws/main/gc_baseline (jano.sfbay:/export/disk05/hotspot/ws/main/gc_baseline) Child workspace: /net/prt-web.sfbay/prt-workspaces/20070612155632.ysr.mustang/workspace (prt-web:/net/prt-web.sfbay/prt-workspaces/20070612155632.ysr.mustang/workspace) User: ysr Comment: --------------------------------------------------------- Job ID: 20070612155632.ysr.mustang Original workspace: neeraja:/net/jano.sfbay/export/hotspot/users1/ysr/mustang Submitter: ysr Archived data: /net/prt-archiver.sfbay/data/archived_workspaces/main/gc_baseline/2007/20070612155632.ysr.mustang/ Webrev: http://prt-web.sfbay.sun.com/net/prt-archiver.sfbay/data/archived_workspaces/main/gc_baseline/2007/20070612155632.ysr.mustang/workspace/webrevs/webrev-2007.06.12/index.html Fixed 6275407: Assertion failure "wrong array object size" Webrev: http://analemma.sfbay/net/jano/export/disk05/hotspot/users/ysr/mustang/webrev As Detlefs had opined a while ago, the assert turned out to be too strong when running with ParNew (and also G1) -- for two reasons: (1) PLAB's are converted to filler arrays when they are retired and concurrent block offset table walks by another thread can observe the change in array size across this retirement. (It is believed at this time that G1 is not open to this race.) (2) Old copies of object arrays in Eden or survivor space are used to indirect a worker thread that stole an object array oop to find the set of references not yet scanned, which is encoded in the length field. (G1 uses the same technique and is therefore be subject to the same race.) A worker thread racing to copy the same object, but just a tad late, may observe the object across such mutation of its length field. Our solution was to sharpen the assert to cover these two cases. The assert will require an appropriate small modification when merged with G1 later this month. Fix Verified: y (see (2) below) Verification Testing: (1) runThese -quick -testbase with just ParNew and with CMS+ParNew (2) Tony was able to reproduce the problem fairly quickly with G1 and the fix was sufficient for that case (Thanks Tony for the testing!) Other Testing: PRT w/heap verification, refworkload w/fastdebug Reviewed by: John, Jon, Tony, discussed with Peter (see below) NOTE: Peter suggested an alternate strategy for dealing with this assert; that is, however, a tad more extensive and may well be attempted in the future. Peter's suggestion is based on the observation that in one case the array is stable after a single change (in that case the size helper's recomputed value will agree with that from the virtual call). In the second case, the length encoding could use a negative value to recognize the "old copy" and ignore the assert, which is potentially open to multiple modification transients. Files: update: src/share/vm/oops/oop.inline.hpp Examined files: 3990 Contents Summary: 1 update 3989 no action (unchanged)

SUGGESTED FIX Here's the appropriate relaxation of a too-strong assert:- ------- oop.inline.hpp ------- *** /tmp/sccs.vSai_i Fri Jun 8 17:28:40 2007 --- oop.inline.hpp Fri Jun 8 17:28:30 2007 *************** *** 186,197 **** s = (int)((size_t)round_to(size_in_bytes, MinObjAlignmentInBytes) / HeapWordSize); ! // Temporarily weaken this assert until CR 6275407 can ! // be dealt with more cleanly; this is too strong for when ! // ParNew runs with promotion labs. assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || ! (UseParNewGC && !UseConcMarkSweepGC && ! Universe::heap()->is_gc_active()), "wrong array object size"); } else { // Must be zero, so bite the bullet and take the virtual call. s = klass->oop_size(this); --- 186,214 ---- s = (int)((size_t)round_to(size_in_bytes, MinObjAlignmentInBytes) / HeapWordSize); ! // UseParNewGC can change the length field of an "old copy" of an object ! // array in the young gen so it indicates the stealable portion of ! // an already copied array. This will cause the first disjunct below ! // to fail if the sizes are computed across such a concurrent change. ! // UseParNewGC also runs with promotion labs (which look like int ! // filler arrays) which are subject to changing their declared size ! // when finally retiring a PLAB; this also can cause the first disjunct ! // to fail for another worker thread that concurrently walking the block ! // offset table. Both these are benign, so we ignore the assertion ! // failure: we might be able to relax it for these two cases in the ! // form of: ! // is_objArray() && is_forwarded() ! // || is_typeArray() ! // With the first line above covering the first scenario above and ! // the second one the second scenario. ! // If and when UseParallelGC uses the same obj array oop stealing/chunking ! // technique, or G1 is integrated (which does use this array chunking ! // technique) we will need to suitably further relax the assertion. assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || ! ((UseParNewGC && Universe::heap()->is_gc_active()) && ! (is_typeArray() || ! (is_objArray() && is_forwarded()))), ! "wrong array object size"); } else { // Must be zero, so bite the bullet and take the virtual call. s = klass->oop_size(this);

EVALUATION Since a temporary workaround has been putback we are downgrading this and targeting a cleaner fix to Dolphin.

SUGGESTED FIX A temporary band-aid has been putback; see below: Event: putback-to Parent workspace: /net/jano.sfbay/export/disk05/hotspot/ws/main/gc_baseline (jano.sfbay:/export/disk05/hotspot/ws/main/gc_baseline) Child workspace: /net/prt-web.sfbay/prt-workspaces/20050818145809.ysr.dragon/workspace (prt-web:/net/prt-web.sfbay/prt-workspaces/20050818145809.ysr.dragon/workspace) User: ysr Comment: --------------------------------------------------------- Original workspace: neeraja:/net/spot/scratch/ysr/dragon Submitter: ysr Archived data: /net/prt-archiver.sfbay/data/archived_workspaces/main/gc_baseline/2005/20050818145809.ysr.dragon/ Webrev: http://analemma.sfbay.sun.com/net/prt-archiver.sfbay/data/archived_workspaces/main/gc_baseline/2005/20050818145809.ysr.dragon/workspace/webrevs/webrev-2005.08.18/index.html Partial 6275407: Assertion failure "wrong array object size" http://analemma.sfbay/net/spot/scratch/ysr/dragon/webrev/ We are temporarily weakening this assert so that it doesnot fire when ParNew+Tenured is used, since it is believed that this is too strong when promotion lab surgery by one GC worker switches the size of a filler array that's being examined during BOT navigation by another GC worker. A better fix and a more thorough investigation is deferred, but this weakening of the assertion is to meanwhile stem the loss of PRT productivity on its account. Reviewed by: D. Detlefs, K. Russell Fix Verified: n (see below; it's obvious of course that the assert will not fire now with ParNew+Tenured during GC) Verification testing: Ran GCOld and GCBasher in a loop with ParNew/fastdebug/compiler1/sparc/solaris with old and new fastdebug binaries, neither of which reproduced the original assert. Note that the changes do not affect the product build in any manner whatsoever. Other Testing: spec, PRT Files: update: src/share/vm/oops/oop.inline.hpp Examined files: 3670 Contents Summary: 1 update 3669 no action (unchanged)

WORK AROUND This is a benign assertion when using ParNew or G1; just use -XX:SuppressErrorAt:... to work around it. See entry#2 of suggested fix field for an explanation.