JDK-5046777 : Should be able to query ModelMBean impl for support of optional features
  • Type: Enhancement
  • Component: core-svc
  • Sub-Component: javax.management
  • Affected Version: 6
  • Priority: P4
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Won't Fix
  • OS: generic
  • CPU: generic
  • Submitted: 2004-05-13
  • Updated: 2020-02-11
  • Resolved: 2020-02-11
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The Model MBean spec explicitly calls out a set of features that are optional, e.g. persistence, notification logging, attribute caching.  The behaviour when a feature is not present is simply to do nothing.  This makes it difficult for a program to use these features.  It must somehow arrange to observe that the feature is present, e.g. by asking for notification logging, then sending a notification to see whether it is logged.  That's very inconvenient.

This behaviour also means that it is impossible to test these features in a test suite, since it is impossible to distinguish between the feature being unsupported and the feature just not working.

There should be a way to ask the implementation whether it supports a given feature.  Or, the optional features should be made mandatory in the next version.

CONVERTED DATA BugTraq+ Release Management Values COMMIT TO FIX: mustang

WORK AROUND Do something that allows you to observe whether the feature is supported or not. This varies from tricky to nigh-on impossible.

PUBLIC COMMENTS Model MBeans can decide whether or not to support certain features. There is no straightforward way to know whether they do or not.

EVALUATION Can't do for Tiger, should do for Mustang. ###@###.### 2004-05-13 ======================================= I have added the below to the CTS 1.4.1 & CTS 1.4.0 exclude lists. # # Bug id: 5046777 # com/sun/ts/tests/jmx/api/javax/management/modelMBeans/RequiredModelMBeanTest/RequiredModelMBeanTest.java#RequiredModelMBeanTest0008_from_standalone com/sun/ts/tests/jmx/api/javax/management/modelMBeans/RequiredModelMBeanTest/RequiredModelMBeanTest.java#RequiredModelMBeanTest0009_from_standalone ###@###.### 2004-05-14