JDK-4795485 : JCK1.4a-runtime api/java_awt/interactive/FrameStateTests.html#FrameStateTests fa
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: client-libs
  • Sub-Component: java.awt
  • Affected Version: 1.4.2,1.4.2_04,5.0
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Fixed
  • OS: linux,solaris,solaris_8,solaris_10
  • CPU: x86,sparc
  • Submitted: 2002-12-18
  • Updated: 2004-04-29
  • Resolved: 2003-03-14
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1.4.2_05 05Fixed
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Name: icR10030			Date: 12/18/2002

Filed By       : J2SE-SQA [###@###.###
JDK            : JDK1.4.2-b10
JCK            : JCK1.4a-runtime
Platform[s]    : Solaris 8 (sparc)
switch/Mode    : -client
JCK test owner : http://javaweb.eng/jck/usr/owners.jto
Falling test[s]:
          api/java_awt/interactive/FrameStateTests.html#FrameStateTests [FrameStateTest0002, FrameStateTest0003]

JCK1.4a-runtime api/java_awt/interactive/FrameStateTests.html#FrameStateTests test fails on JDK1.4.2-b10
The bug is reproducible in GNOME 2.0 for Solaris.

Test source location:

jtr file location:

How to reproduce:
1. Run the following script (you may need to change its variables)
2. Follow testcases descriptions to reproduce bug.

--- script start ---

switches="-Xint -Xfuture"

$JDK/bin/java $switches -cp $CLASSPATH javasoft.sqe.tests.api.java.awt.interactive.FrameState.FrameStateTests -TestCaseID FrameStateTest0002 FrameStateTest0003

--- script end ---

Test output:
FrameStateTest0002: Failed. Frame state test does NOT work as expected. No checkbox was selected by the user.
FrameStateTest0003: Failed. Frame state test does NOT work as expected. No checkbox was selected by the user.
STATUS:Failed.test cases: 2; all failed; first test case failure: FrameStateTest0002

Specific machine info:
Hostname: linux-1
OS: Solaris 8 (sparc) + GNOME 2.0


CONVERTED DATA BugTraq+ Release Management Values COMMIT TO FIX: 1.4.2_05 generic tiger FIXED IN: 1.4.2_05 tiger INTEGRATED IN: 1.4.2_05 tiger tiger-b03 VERIFIED IN: 1.4.2_05

EVALUATION Name: vuR10080 Date: 12/19/2002 ###@###.### 2002-12-19 This seems to be a bug in metacity, in its implementation of _NET_WM_STATE_TOGGLE. Reproducible with a simple native X11 application. Requesting XClientMessageEvent req; req.type = ClientMessage; req.window = XtWindow(toplevel); req.message_type = _XA_NET_WM_STATE; req.format = 32; req.data.l[0] = _NET_WM_STATE_TOGGLE; req.data.l[1] = _XA_NET_WM_STATE_MAXIMIZED_VERT; /* or HORZ */ req.data.l[2] = 0; will toggle full maximization, not the maximization in the specified direction only. Propose to recategorize against Gnome. ====================================================================== Name: vuR10080 Date: 12/19/2002 ###@###.### 2002-12-19 Havoc Pennington replied to my email that metacity doesn't have a concept of maximizing in only one direction, so it just takes these requests to mean maximize in both and that this is a deliberate policy decision. ====================================================================== Fix verified for build 1.4.2_05-ea-b01 Raja Dhanesh ###@###.### 2004-04-29