JDK-4479571 : JVM core dumps after receiving out of memory messages
  • Type: Bug
  • Component: hotspot
  • Sub-Component: runtime
  • Affected Version: 1.3.0_03
  • Priority: P2
  • Status: Closed
  • Resolution: Duplicate
  • OS: solaris_7
  • CPU: sparc
  • Submitted: 2001-07-13
  • Updated: 2009-06-25
  • Resolved: 2001-10-18
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This problem is present in both 1.3.0_02 1.3.0_03 and 1.3.1

Changing the time-stamp of a servlet deployed in WebLogic 6's
public_html/WEB-INF/classes/ directory triggers the OutOfMemory errors and
the eventual HotSpot crash.

When a servlet is changed, WebLogic 6's code destroys its current class
loader object and instantiates a new one.  This requires any session objects
in memory to be serialized before the class loader is destroyed, then
deserialized and reinstantiated for the new class loader.  (This is
documented at
http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs60////servlet/progtasks.html#143031 under the
"ClassCastException and HTTP Sessions" header).

There is a lot of serialization/deserialization happening all at once, which
is what we suspect is causing the problem.

This problem happens with any of the flags -client, -server or -hotspot

	<<no stack trace available>>
<Jul 9, 2001 9:51:02 AM EDT> <Error> <HTTP> <[WebAppServletContext(2378821,public_html)] Servlet failed with Exception
	<<no stack trace available>>
	<<no stack trace available>>
<Jul 9, 2001 9:51:02 AM EDT> <Error> <HTTP> <[WebAppServletContext(2378821,public_html)] Servlet failed with Exception
	<<no stack trace available>>
# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Internal Error
# Please report this error at
# http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
# Error ID: 4349254E560E43505000F4 01
# Problematic Thread: prio=5 tid=0x100ae0 nid=0xb runnable 

dbx output of thread
current thread: t@11
=>[1] __sigprocmask(0x0, 0xfea01f38, 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, 0x0), at 0xff379cf0
  [2] _resetsig(0xff38c984, 0x0, 0xfea03dc0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xfea03e40), at 0xff36f31c
  [3] _sigon(0xff3943d8, 0xff394278, 0xfea03e38, 0xfea0200c, 0x6, 0xff2cd0ac), at 0xff36ea40
  [4] _thrp_kill(0x0, 0xb, 0x6, 0xff38c984, 0xfea03dc0, 0xff393bf4), at 0xff371944
  [5] abort(0xff333bb0, 0xfea02100, 0x0, 0xfffffff8, 0x0, 0xfea02121), at 0xff2b9468
  [6] os::abort(0x1, 0xfe78c000, 0x1, 0xfea02, 0xfe78c000, 0xfea0211c), at 0xfe6e28ac
  [7] report_error(0xee, 0xfea02992, 0xf4, 0xfe73eca4, 0xfe7c6df8, 0xfe78c000), at 0xfe650ae0
  [8] report_fatal(0xf4, 0xfe78c000, 0xfe762218, 0xfea03344, 0x100ae0, 0x2), at 0xfe6503b0
  [9] ciEnv::get_constant_by_index_impl(0x0, 0x100ae0, 0xfea03b78, 0x2, 0xfe78c000, 0xfea033b0), at 0xfe5d7880
  [10] ciEnv::get_constant_by_index(0xfe79f8ec, 0x100ae0, 0xfea03438, 0x2, 0xfe78c000, 0x1f5f08), at 0xfe5d75ec
  [11] ciBytecodeStream::get_constant(0x1f5f08, 0xfea03b78, 0xfe78c000, 0xfea034b0, 0xfea03550, 0x2), at 0xfe5d74d
  [12] GraphBuilder::load_constant(0xfe78c000, 0x100fa0, 0xfea035d4, 0x100f98, 0x100f94, 0x100f90), at 0xfe5d6f84
  [13] GraphBuilder::connect_to_end(0xfe7b8fac, 0xfe7b8fb0, 0xfe7b8fb4, 0xfe7b8fb8, 0xfe7b8fbc, 0xfe78c000), at 0x
  [14] GraphBuilder::handle_exception(0xda9d78, 0xdaa8b0, 0xdaa99c, 0xfe78c000, 0xffffffff, 0xfe7b0c3c), at 0xfe5d
  [15] GraphBuilder::connect_to_end(0xfe7b8fac, 0xfe7b8fb0, 0xfe7b8fb4, 0xfe7b8fb8, 0xfe7b8fbc, 0xfe78c000), at 0x
  [16] GraphBuilder::GraphBuilder(0xda9ea0, 0xfea03a98, 0x100fd0, 0xda9cd4, 0xda9de4, 0xfea03770), at 0xfe5abbc0
  [17] IRScope::build_graph(0xda9e50, 0xfea03a98, 0xffffffff, 0x1f4f60, 0xfe78c000, 0xfe78c000), at 0xfe5aa970
  [18] IR::IR(0xda9ccc, 0xfea03a98, 0x1f5ec0, 0xda9cb8, 0x100fd0, 0x100dd0), at 0xfe5a9ba4
  [19] Compilation::build_hir(0x100f7c, 0xfe78c000, 0xfea03a98, 0xfea03ba4, 0x400, 0xfffffffc), at 0xfe5a9984
  [20] Compilation::compile_java_method(0xfea03a98, 0xfea03a1c, 0xfea03a98, 0x100ae0, 0xfea03ba4, 0xfea039cc), at 
  [21] Compilation::Compilation(0x100ca0, 0xfea03b78, 0x1f5ec0, 0xffffffff, 0x100c84, 0xfe78c000), at 0xfe5a8440
  [22] Compiler::compile_method(0x100c84, 0x100c18, 0xfe78c000, 0x1f5ec0, 0xffffffff, 0x1f5ec0), at 0xfe5a81a0
  [23] CompileBroker::invoke_compiler_on_method(0x1f5ec0, 0x0, 0xfe7ab604, 0x0, 0x0, 0xa48), at 0xfe5a3a98
  [24] CompileBroker::compiler_thread_loop(0x29128, 0x100ae0, 0xfe78c000, 0xfea03d60, 0xfe78c000, 0xf9cf5130), at 
  [25] JavaThread::run(0xfe904000, 0xfe795d3c, 0xfe78c000, 0x100000, 0x100ae0, 0x100000), at 0xfe58e040
  [26] _start(0xfe78c000, 0xff255d60, 0x0, 0xb8681e50, 0x1, 0xfe401000), at 0xfe57dea4

All info (java_g core file and dbx output(newdbxout) and error logs) are contained in

CONVERTED DATA BugTraq+ Release Management Values COMMIT TO FIX: 1.3.1_03 FIXED IN: 1.3.1_03 INTEGRATED IN: 1.3.1_03

PUBLIC COMMENTS JVM SEGV - Related to Bug# 4503832

EVALUATION Not enough info to reproduce this. I do not use WebLogic 6 product, and I have no idea where to find such servlet stuff. Downloaded 6.0 and installed it. Started up fine, waiting for servlet info. Please provide a demo servlet to use and steps to get it up and running. gary.collins@East 2001-08-01 Picked up from Ireland. Looking for causes of OutOfMemory. Requested that customer add -verbosegc and provide the output. ###@###.### 2001-09-21 After applying fixes for bugs 4490177,4484290 and 4503832, the customer no longer sees a SEGV. The problem is now a hang. If we don't see this problem again, I am closing the bug as a dup of 4503832. ###@###.### 2001-10-17